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After my senior year of High School I knew I would be playing soccer in college but needed to find a way to get in college soccer shape and a way to increase my skills as a player.  This was only possible for me because of the 6 AM practices I would attend. I would be challenged by having to play with college kids who knew what it took physically and mentally to play and make it at the college level. As a young 18-year-old going to play college soccer I knew I needed to get into better shape and increase my technical ability in order to compete with college players.  Going to 6 AM’s helped me get better because we would condition like a college team would. We would work on different types of conditioning which would directly help us on the field; one day would be long distance conditioning and the next would be short sprints to work on a quicker recovery time. After this conditioning we would then work on our technical skills which would make us better players. Working on your abilities while tired is the best way to get better.  The short-sided games helped the most because it allowed for players to play directly with and against other aspiring college players or players who were already solidified at the college level. I only see one way to get better at soccer and it is to constantly compete at a high level and against high competition.  Being able to condition with other college soccer players helps you push yourself and also forces you to compete at a higher level.

-Mike Smart

As a player of Paul Johnson’s since 2009, I have grown to know him extremely well both as a coach and as a person. He has not only guided me through some of the most vital developmental years as a soccer player but also in my life experiences too, whether it was school related or personal matters. Paul not only taught me about the game on the field but also preached lessons that can also be related to the real world. Additionally, he personally made the effort to guide me through any school related issues and was constantly there to help if I chose to call upon him no matter whether I was away at college or nearby. There is no testimonial I could put on paper that will encompass all that he does for me however, I will attempt transcribe everything here from on the field lessons to academics.

            As a young player I came to Paul’s team for a higher level of play. In my first couple of sessions he aided my play and demanded more then I had ever been demanded of in training before. He knew what he could get from me and wouldn’t allow me to produce anything less. After one of the first sessions in which I played well he approached me and suggested I should think about taking soccer to the next level. Although I didn’t realize then what he saw in me I took his advice in stride. As a team we continued to train under Paul at a very high level. He not only demanded but expected near perfection with every touch of the ball, and that mentality spilled over to me and the rest of the players. Suddenly, one slow pass or one bad touch out of all the great ones we had was still unsatisfying for us all. This ultimately instilled a winning mentality into me and playing the game, whether it was a match or training, was more enjoyable then before. However, he does not just demand the best he teaches it. He has taught me a ton about the game and I credit much of the way I play and think about the game to him. This is because in every session he would be instructing the correct way to play from every touch I took to each situation I found myself in. One of the most crucial things that he teaches is to not just play with your feet and body but to think through a game. He does this in a very particular way and has made me a better player by making me a smarter one.

            It is important to note that his coaching style is unique in that he gains respect through his knowledge of the game. He advises each player from the keeper to the striker on everything. In this way he gains credibility because, as a player, I see this and I realize he knows the game and I therefore listen well to his instruction.

            Paul has pushed me to realize that playing is a privilege and to never take advantage of this fact. In the second year he started a private training session during the summer that started at six in the morning for the most dedicated and ambitious players. He advised I attend and from then I understood that soccer takes dedication, something that he preached every day. In these sessions he pushed us to our very best from fitness to the extremely fast paced play. I was taught determination and mental toughness in these sessions. Most importantly, he gave me the edge over other players when I returned to school teams, whether it were high school or collegiate. Not many other players had been taught the type of discipline I had been taught and it ultimately was satisfying to feel this way on the field.

            I realize that these lessons from Paul often carried over into academics and life situations too. If I were to ever fall behind Paul was always there, on the phone, to make sure I was doing well in school. He continuously offered his help and guidance on assignments and made sure I was doing my best in school similar to the way he did on the field. He always explained that school was to come first and to finish all my work so that I could then go play the game he taught me to love. At one point in my college career I had been deciding on a switch to an alternate school. Paul aided me through the entire process but most importantly had confidence in me to move to a school which was superior in play. He made me realize what my potential could be with a switch and when I was in a period of nervousness and indecision on whether I could complete the switch he recited a quote that has always stuck with me. He told me, “It is not the size of the man in the fight, but the size of the fight in the man.” The quote has always floated back into my head whenever I need to overcome a huge task in life.

            I have Paul Johnson to thank for all of these lessons I have been taught. I am proud to say he has helped shape the person and player I am today. After knowing him for about six years I have learned he is a great coach in addition to being a wholesome person. He is light hearted and always lightens any situation with jokes and laughter. I am lucky to have a coach who is as dedicated to my success and me as I am and there are not enough words to express my gratitude for this. Unfortunately, there are not enough words to write on paper how much Paul Johnson has done for me since I have known him, yet I hope this has done him some justice as to the affect he has had on my life and playing career.

-Dan Boffa

“I started out as most parents, looking for a training program that would challenge and progress my children’s skill and performance on the soccer field. I now know that we came to trust “Inspire Sports Club” because of the balanced philosophy and approach that couples traditional training with activities designed to promote the children’s physical and mental well being.”

-E. & J. Terry

“I’ve been playing professional soccer in three countries for the past three seasons and no one has helped me reach my full potential like the Inspire Soccer Staff!”

-Blake Stockton          


 “After having the pleasure to work with Paul Johnson as a coach and trainer for a club team and for private training sessions, my son has taken his personal game to a higher level. Paul is extremely knowledgeable in developing the individual skill of a player while still focusing on the importance of playing as a team. His positive upbeat personality brings a great energy to the field that brings the best out of his players during training sessions and the highest performance possible at game time.”

-Sue Di Pierro

“Paul’s unique and motivational style of coaching has players performing their best on the field, in the classroom and in life.  He does an amazing job at helping players realize their potential and go beyond it.  Paul Johnson has been a mentor and inspiration!”

-Max Di Pierro

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